I love watching kids’ movies.Finding Nemo was great, The Incredibles was incredible…I watched Charlie and The Chocolate Factory on Wednesday and again, I was captivated.(Ok…I’m as good as a little kid)

No, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory wasn’t exciting (dad and eugene almost fell asleep at the cinema), but to me, it was a meaningful show. Nice graphics (delicious looking chocolate), cute Oompah-Loompahs (the factory workers)…and much more.

I remember reading Road Dahl’s book when I was young…and I found it quite a bore. It had some creative ideas in it, but compared to Harry Potter..well….

Still, Charlie Bucket’s love for his family made me cry…he wanted to sell his Golden Ticket because his family needed the money much more than he needed a visit to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Even after Willy Wonka declared him as the heir to his chocolate factory, he defiantly refused to go back to the factory if he was not allowed to bring his family along!

The producers also added some magical moments to the story that touched me deeply. Willy Wonka’s past was unearthed….the son of, guess who, the most famous dentist in town! Willy as a little boy looked really nerdy with his braces (fixed to his ears and all around his head!).Wilbo Wonka never allowed his son a single piece of chocolate…they always ended up burning in the fire. Willy soon grew up, harbouring a lot of hatred towards his disciplinarian father, and left home to build a chocolate factory of his own. His father swore to his son at that time that if Willy ever decided to come back , he would not be there to receive him.

The ending of the movie particularly spoke a lot to me. Charlie brought Willy, unhappy and amazed that Charlie would not leave his family, back to see his dentist father.

The town had changed after all these years..In fact, Wilbo Wonka’s house stood forlornly in the snow—all the other houses were long gone. There was something new about the interior of the house too—the walls were all plastered with newspaper cuttings of Willy Wonka’s famous Chocolate Factory!

Oh, how stubborn is the love of a father! As Willy and Wilbo embraced in a stiff and reserved manner, tears welled up in my eyes again….

It reminded me of the story of the prodigal son in the bible.The son, after squandering all his fathers’ possesions, decided to come home and plead for forgiveness, and perhaps ask to work as a servant. However, his father, spotting his son from far off, ran to greet him! He was so glad to find his long lost son! Instead of giving him a lecture, the father hugged him, placed his ring on the son’s finger, brought out the son’s best robes, and clothed his feet in shoes. He then asked his servants to prepare a feast—they were going to celebrate the son’s return!

How forgiving and loving is the father’s heart.
I am grateful for a father like that, not just my earthly father, but my heavenly father who gives unconditional love….