Well, I decided not to put a title to acknowledge that this is not something to be proud of. However, playing truant for 2 periods proved to be memorable.( There…knew I’d never make a good prefect…).This happened a month ago, but i thought it deserved a place on my blog.=D

It was the same old boring Thursday with double periods of add maths after PJ. Boon Siew suggested we join the boys for football and I readily agreed. I still laugh whenever I think of how stupid we looked on the field. And we were being watched with great interest by the classes next to the field (including my brother who always belittled my ball-kicking ability, with good reason though.heh.)

Someone said that girls have bigger and clumsier legs than guys, and this was one of the times I could not disagree. Heck! We could not control our feet properly and missed the ball several times although it was just right in front of our toes. We ended up running around the field like silly clowns.

Anyway, by the end of the 40-minute period, I had kicked the ball for a total….teng teng teng teng…..4 times!!! One ball per 10 minutes. I proudly told everyone about my achievement. At the same time, the boys from our class were already complaining and accusing us of helping them to lose the match against 5A4.=P But Mr Lim told us we could sign up with Arsenal.That’s not bad for a start, no?

But we went a little overboard that day, I guess. After being chased off the field, we chose not to return to class, seven of us—me, Boon Siew, Sin Lin, Wei Chun, Kai Shan,Ren Haw (can’t remember the last one).Instead, we went over to the basketball court to have a match against 3A2!!

It felt great to be able to touch the ball again.The last time I played was ages ago! I started to reminisce my form2 and form3 days where my friends who were in the school team would teach me how to play. I used to dodge whenever the ball came—but I soon learnt how to catch and snatch (clumsily).

Anyway, the bell rang again after another 40 minutes and a teacher came and called all the form 3 students back to class. (moan…)

Now we were left alone.We debated whether or not to return (and get a good scolding from Pn. Teoh), or to hang around and get caught. We chose the latter. So we hid behind the pavillion wall and waited for the recess bell to ring.I thought we had a really good time.

Well, I heard from a teacher later on that Pn. Teoh almost went berserk (think he was exaggerating) upon knowing I had skipped her class….

Sorry Pn. Teoh….(sheepish look on my face)