Today is one of my happier days since being slightly depressed (again) due to the exams. I have been like down in the dumps (just like Gaston) for weeks…coz i had no more korean drama to lift my spirits since i finished the 70th episode of Jang Geum. = ( Naturally, I had no mood to blog. Blogging, for me, is reserved for the days when something special happens, or when I am down, but not really in the dumps.Haha.

Well, SPM is proceeding without any major glitches, which is good. Before I digress–I finished my scariest subject today, which is why I’m mildly happy. My 42 marks during mid-term still makes me wary of Sejarah. Anyway, today’s paper was fine, not easy, but I could scrape through. Managed to cook up some convincing stories, and when I checked my textbook later (not going to touch it again!), I found that the stories were quite close to truth. At least, they were not totally off and neither did I have any blank pages as was the case during the mid-years.

Anyway, despite my boredom, I must say I enjoyed the English literature question today. We were asked to describe how the novel portrays the importance of love in a family. I have never looked at The Pearl in that way, and it was kind of refreshing. This is a novel about greed.Unlike the normal questions (theme, character, plot), it made me really feel for the characters in the novel,how love kept them together despite all the wrong decisions and unfortunate events.

Which reminds me, Cheaper By The Dozen 2 is coming out on 21st Dec. I liked Cheaper By The Dozen 1 a lot, despite all the negative reviews about it being “mediocre” on the net. I watched it 3 times, the 2nd and 3rd ones being commentaries by the director and the actors. Gosh, imagine how difficult it was to get those little kids to perform for the camera! It might not be something really special,but the movie was heart warming and cute in a way.

Ok, nothing much more to say. Eugene’s back from tour, so I’ve got to step up precautions once again. Don’t want to touch a wrong nerve.