Took the last of my tedious subjects yesterday, thank God there wasn’t any BIG trouble. I have been reading Healing the Wounded Spirit and Transformation of the Inner Man since last week, and they both gave me a lot of revelation about the mess I’ve become since July. I certainly will reflect upon that, but I’m not ready yet.

Speaking about mess, my house is in a big mess right now with rennovations under way (mum wants to extend her tuition room to cater to more students). She’s also in the midst of a major clean up of all the junk we have kept over the years. And I’m sweating away, sorting out my stuff and deciding whether to keep, give away, or throw. It drives me crazy because I’m always thinking that my form 1 karangan or english grammar might come in handy someday. How funny. The fact that I have LOTS of stuff makes clearing up even harder.Dorreen, Nooi Hoay, and Zhi Han have all given me tons of books and testpapers–some are so neat and tidy that I can’t bear to sell them to the newspaper collector.Ah well.

I finally bought my air ticket to KL yesterday (RM110!!!sob!sob!). Dad thinks it’s extravagant but mum thinks taking the bus alone is dangerous. I’ll be going to stay with my aunt on the 10th until after Christmas, or when I find transport to tumpang back to Alor Star.Really look forward to spending time with her coz she’s something like a mentor to me.

And oh yeah, I’m going to pierce my ears. I have bugged mum for years to get my ears pierced, but now I’m really scared I don’t think I will do it. So I have persuaded mum to let J-Anne have hers pierced first, and if J-Anne doesn’t cry, I’ll be brave enough to pierce…hahaha…