I visited my blog yesterday and had a good look at it….realised it’s so messy…with different font sizes and everything. Haha. And it’s probably the most primitive one around. But I’m never good at computer stuff. So never mind that first.

It’s funny how I cannot be tired when I’m enjoying myself. I went swimming with Yi Min on Friday, swam again in Penang on Saturday, and although my muscles were sore, I was still simply energetic! Dad took Eugene and J-Anne along with me to Penang on Saturday since I had to sit for the ASEAN selection test the next day. We had fun together, playing ping pong (though Eugene still refuses to play with me), swimming, and strolling at the beach. But I now realize how vital mum is to our vacations—without her I have to take responsibility for J-Anne’s safety in the pool and pack and wash her things, which is bothersome! Heh.

The selection test was okay, though I was hard-pressed for time in every paper (General ability, Math, and English). I don’t know what my chances of being selected are, but we have talked things through and I’m actually very interested in going for it if I get it. Meanwhile, I’ll just pray and wait—I trust God has my future in His hands, whether I get a scholarship or not.