I had a great time today. Initially I wanted to blog about my previous breakdown, but I’m procrastinating again…..don’t feel up to such serious stuff yet. = )Mum brought me to renew my passport in the morning, in case I have to go to Singapore.I’ll be going to KL after this until Christmas, and mum, as usual, thought it better to make “early preparations”. But the RM300 for passport renewal will go down the drain if I don’t get the scholarship. = /

After that, she drove me to City Plaza to meet my friends. It was a bit early, so…she took me to pierce my ears!!! I was trembling all over when the lady sprayed anaesthesia– Ethylchloride Spray, on my ears. I could tell she was already quite impatient with us–mum simply asked her too many questions. I was very worried, afraid that my reflexes would cause me to jerk away when she fired into my ear lobe. What if the ear stud missed and punctured my face? Well, in the end….it was NOT painful. At all. Hah. I laughed and laughed after my left ear was pierced…I had been so silly to fear a simple piercing of the ear!

Later I had a good time with my NC’03 friends. The five of us agreed to get together before we parted ways. I’m really grateful that they have not forgotten or forsaken me…although I never went on to become part of the Nursing Adult team. We had lunch, went bowling, and then went to the photo studio to take a picture together.

I realise we actually still have great fun together although it has been 2 years since the good old days! Many things about us have changed, but perhaps, our bond will always remain.

This reminds me about something I read in Shern Ren’s blog not too long ago.

As always Lewis was right, when he said that to lose a friend is not only to lose that friend, and not just the part of you that you have sown into him, but the part of you that he and he alone can bring out.

It really struck me.