After more than a week in KL, this is the first time I’m really sitting down in front of a computer, and guess what, I’ve forgotten my password to blog. (I’m typing this in Gmail, waiting for my password to arrive.)

Well, my stay here has been quite enjoyable. I’ve been to Sunway Pyramid for ice-skating with Doreen, read my aunt’s books, watched the Narnia movie, and shopped in 1 Utama, KLCC, IOI, and TESCO. I have also joined the dance group in my aunt’s church, and I have been helping with church decoration for the past few days. I’m kind of tired and dazed now–i arrive home at 12.00a.m. almost everyday and i try to wake up at 7.30a.m., just not to disturb my internal clock. But my aunt hardly sleeps at night! Last night she was up till 4.00 a.m. And I haven’t been eating healthy food–people seldom cook here. But never mind.

I guess the thing i like most about being here is that i get to talk to people. My uncle (Ps Tim) and his wife (Aunty Theresa), and my aunt Cathryn whom I’m staying with are simply great people. I have been blessed by them, and also by the church that they pastor, Eaglepoint Covenant Fellowship. The atmosphere here is very different–people here are interested in other people’s lives, more caring, and most of all, REAL.They have a discipleship system where people are being discipled by a leader and at the same time also disciple others. Here, i feel welcomed and accepted. Oh by the way, I went to Sharon’s birthday party on Sunday, and I thought what she shared was meaningful. She gave each of us a rose, and told us to sieze our youth and bloom beautifully before time passes lest we miss our chance of becoming all we were made to be.

There are also a bunch of Africans in church, and my aunt recently discovered something interesting about them when they came to stay with my aunt for a day. Pure Africans can never have beautiful long hair!!! I couldn’t believe it. The girls said their hair was very brittle, and as a result, it would fall off at a certain length. They cannot even use our hair products because it would burn their hair. So they have to courier it from Africa. Their hair is so bushy that they can hardly comb their hair. That’s the reason they make braids–to give the hair a rest from combing! There’s also this very funny African guy–Tefo. A few days ago he came up to me and said “apa atas?” Only after a few moments did I realize he meant “what’s up?”. Haha.

I guess there’s no point in writing more since I can’t write coherently at the moment. But I’m quite concerned about the flood in Alor Star–my family is now staying at my grandpa’s place since water has entered my house. I hope mum doesn’t get too bad-tempered.

I’m going to check out another book now–Introducing Neuro-linguistic Programming by Joseph O’Connor and John Seymour. It’s about Psychological skills for understanding and influencing people. Seems difficult to understand.