Today is 31st December, and this is my..5th day at HCIBS (Hwa Chong Inst. Boarding School). I am adapting well, and I am quite confident of getting around by MRT and bus already. I actually visited a church yesterday night..departed on my own..thankfully there were strangers who gave me directions (though my uncle warned me not to be too trusting!) I’ll be going to see my uncle’s family this afternoon, alone again.

There are about 10 of our seniors (direct scholars now in JC2) staying at HCIBS. They took the initiative to get to know us two nights ago, and we have been spending some time together–eating, playing badminton etc. They gave us some very important info (READ: How to break hostel rules) and shared their experience with us. There are many flow through scholars (people who came in sec 1 or sec 3) here also, but according to the seniors, they have become very Singaporeanised so it’s harder for them to understand the difficulties we might face. But most of the boarders are from PRC(China).

The seniors told us that the first 3 months here will be enjoyable, but once the S’pore O-level results are out in March and students are shifted to other schools, things will start to gear up. Then there is also the NAPFA thing…(don’t know if the acronym is correct…singaporeans use so many short forms!!). It’s a physical test that everyone is required to pass before they can play other games in PE class. Apparently it is taken very seriously. Don’t know if that’s good or bad news for me.

My computer time is up again….so that’s all. I can’t post my entries here..I always get “URL cannot be retrieved”, so I’ll be relying on Wei Liang to do it for me. Thank you again Wei Liang.

So..Happy New Year everyone! Live 2006 purposefully and all the best.

p/s: found out that some people here actually deferred their JPA scholarships after getting it…so they’ll finish their A-levels here first…now I think that’s quite a wise thing to do. But then again, there’s the bond and I have to decide what course to take if I apply. But I’ll definitely think about it.