I’m typing this in the computer room of my hostel…just back from a swim..it’s the first time i’m swimming in an Olympic-sized pool! And guess what, I got my blog password WRONG again!!. Can’t believe it. So have to do it in gmail again.

I have stayed at Hwa Chong boarding school for two nights…and thankfully, I am not as lost as I was when I arrived. (I hate being in new places–hate getting lost.) I also know how to get around by MRT and bus roughly, it’s not that easy to get lost, I think. = D I am reminded of the first day in Keat Hwa,I was soo scared, really. But I have grown, and I can take care of myself better now than 5 years ago. I must thank St. John for this! If I hadn’t gone through some strict training, I suspect I might be crying over here. And by the way, Hwa Chong is a really nice place to stay in, by my standards.

My roommates and I are getting along quite well..we seem to be on the same wavelength, so I expect we’ll be able to live together peacefully. =D Emile is a very bubbly and curious girl, loves to sing, and can swim twice as fast as I can (Of course, I’m as slow as a tortoise.) Yingxu, on the other hand, really likes to draw Japanese anime. Both are from Selangor.

For the past two days I have been busy shopping for household items with dad, but he went back yesterday. I didn’t anticipate all this! I actually asked dad to “go home” after bringing me to the hostel..but when Yingxu arrived with SO many things I realised how many more things I need here. Emile and Yingxu have made their corner of the room somewhat like home, but mine is still quite empty and lifeless. I don’t know if I want to put up a lot of things–imagine packing up at the end of the year when I have to clear everything. Okay, so I’m quite lazy to do this kind of stuff.

The first night here I missed home a lot. It’s not the kind of sadness that brings tears, but my heart felt a few kilograms heavier than usual. Nevertheless, the feeling went away after finding things to do. So, I’m doing fine.

I’ll be going to National Junior College opposite the road..it’s a 10-minute walk to school. ( I’m just STAYING at Hwa Chong, not STUDYING there, people! ) There are only 9 new scholars going to NJC from my hostel..most of them are flow-through scholars (been here for quite some time). Will get to meet them when I go for briefing this afternoon.

It’s kind of noisy here…most of the people (kids??) are sec school students playing computer games..so I can’t really concentrate..writing very carelessly again. I’ll write more when I go to school on 3rd Jan. Have explored the building with Emile, looks like a shopping mall inside. Heh.

I haven’t really told many people about my blog..but here’s my address:

Jasmine Yow
Hall B-3R/06D
Hwa Chong Institution Boarding School
673 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 269735

and email jasmine.yow (at) gmail.com if you want my handphone number.

Oh yes, I must remind myself to smile more here! Heheh. That’s the advice some of my friends gave me. Wei Yee called me 3 days ago and told me my voice still sounds like a little girl. Asked me to appreciate everything I have here and smile everyday. =)

p/s: thanks wei liang for helping me post this.