I’ve been here 2 weeks already! Can’t believe time passes so fast. Really looking forward to the 27th when I can go back for Chinese New Year (hopefully my leave application will be approved..it MUST be or I’ll cry). But anyway, this is what I’ve learnt over the past 2 weeks.

1. The toilets here are cleaner.
Yeah, the “er” is absolutely necessary, because I found out that not all public toilets are that clean! They’re just better maintained than Malaysian ones. My hostel toilets are pretty clean…but not all the time either.We have to suffer the consequences whenever some careless clustermate neglects the general cleanliness.Still, a cleaner comes in once a week, so it’s kind of like home where I have a maid. Haha.

2. Singapore is NOT all nice and clean on rainy days.
It has been raining cats and dogs for the past week, and I was lucky enough to be caught in 3 showers, in the 3 times I went out! The water rises very fast when it rains..and you can see the waters gushing out into the pavements. As a result, my shoes were ruined, and I was soaked from head to toe when I visited my uncle two days ago. Well, I don’t really mind getting wet (I think it’s fun and romantic?? to walk in the rain) but my books certainly do not appreciate that. I didn’t realise that my umbrella was too small to protect me and my backpack at the same time until I got home.So, my new One2one Discipleship book became wet (and I found out I bought the kids version–don’t know how to return it now that its’ all wrinkled and creased), my TIMES magazine became something that resembles tissue paper, and my $3.90 bus guide suffered serious damage. = /. Imagine what would have happened if I did not bring an umbrella along.

3. Transportaion costs money.
Duh. I know this is so obvious, but for a girl who has had the comfort of daddy’s car for the past 16 years, it is a new realization of the harsh fact of life. Heh. Money is simply escaping my pocket…a short bus ride to the nearest Mc Donald’s costs me $1.10 to and fro! Only after a while did I realize that, hey, a lot of my money is actually going into the bus! But now that Eunice has lent me her extra EZlink card, it’ll not be so bad. And yes, in a bid to save money, I have come up with an ingenious way of getting free lunch, since only breakfast and dinner is provided on school days.(so proud of myself) I ta pau the fruit from the last night’s dinner, steal extra bread from the morning’s breakfast..and eat that for lunch!=D Let’s see how long I can persevere doing that…before everyone thinks I’m either very poor, or very kiamsiap.Haha.

4. Never sleep/dream in MRTs or buses.
Double duh. But again, this is something new (and difficult) for me, so I actually have to make conscious efforts to focus on my surroundings when I’m travelling. My thoughts tend to float away whenever I’m in vehicles, and I have gotten down at the wrong bus stop thrice already. Pathetic.

I guess I should stop talking about all this trivial stuff, lest people think that Kedahans are really ulu and backward. By the way, out of so many Singaporeans I have met, only a few know where Kedah is! What an insult…haha. =P But I realize I don’t know many places in other ASEAN countries either. Form 3 Geography seems very very long ago.

Before I end, I must say that I really enjoyed myself yesterday!! I went out with the Malaysian guys to Chinatown (and came back past curfew time..=P ). I think its’ the first time I actually enjoyed shopping with friends around–usually I don’t like it because it’s hard to buy stuff with so many contrasting opinions. Helped them pick their “brotherhood shirt”….very satisfied about that.

And yeah, I bought gifts for people too. ( See? I’m not stingy..)