The past 2 weeks have flown by without me noticing it…..that’s good, in a way. I can look at my calendar now and smile– just one more week before I can go back for CNY!!! Yay!!! Too bad I can only be back for 4 days…and who knows when I’ll get a break after February. My March holidays will probably be filled–I signed up for CIP (Community Involvement Programme) to the Maldives (but I can only go if I can find enough money..). I really dread the thought of not being able to go home for months. =(. Trying hard not to think about it.

Anyway, school has been quite enjoyable. We had orientation and mass dance during the 2nd week…can’t say I really liked the crazy fun, but after everything I got to know the 23 other people in my class better. It’s nice to be in small classes…there’s a kind of closeness you don’t really get when you’re in a class of 46.=P

Lectures have started too, though we don’t have proper timetables yet. I realize I will have to work hard to cope…it’s a bit hard for me to switch to English for Chem. And I found out that I didn’t really know how to do my first tutorial questions. Arggh. Back then I could just race through my homework! But it’s a good thing I have classmates who can help.

I might also add that people have to compete and fight for almost everything here. We actually have to audition to get into CCAs. I did not make it for Western Dance–have to accept the fact that SO many people are so good–so I’m in debate now. English debate.I don’t know if I’ll enjoy it, but I know it’ll be good training. I will learn how not to depend on scripts to speak, then next time i’ll be able to help Keat Hwa better. (Did not like it when people accused us of reading last year) Yeah! Actually just came back from the International Invitationals, witnessed an interesting debate between Australia and New Zealand. Really grateful for this opportunity.

I’ve also been attending Biomed lectures on weekends…first year medicine syllabus will be covered in 6 months in preparation for a quiz. I think it’s cool that they have this kind of programme…perhaps after a while I might have a clearer idea of what a medicine course is about. Hmm.

Going for dinner now…will go to church tomorrow…then visit my uncle.By the way, all the CNY deco is distracting…not that I don’t like it here, but it makes me think of home.