I had my first Physical Education lesson on Tuesday…and I came to a whole new realization of what Pendidikan Jasmani means, or, should actually mean.

We did 8 rounds round the 400m track…push-ups, crunches, and some jumping stuff. I almost DIED. If I had not cheated by walking almost a quarter of the time, I am quite sure I would have died. A classmate had to run beside me and keep telling me to “move my legs despite urgent signals from my brain to do otherwise”, or else I would have given up. And I thought St. John training was tough enough…stupid assumption.

Well, PE’s not bad for a birthday present huh. Considering that I will have two 50-min lessons each week, I hope by the time my 18th birthday comes I will be able to do everything required without panting.=P

Anyway .…just want to say thanks to everyone who sent me their wishes/cards/smses…thank you 06S05 for the cake and card..you’ve been great classmates to me, hope we’ll still be in the same class after 2nd intake..and thank you to my hostel mates for the celebration at night….most of all, thank you God for giving me this life!

Happy 17th Birthday to myself !