I’m sitting in Mac Donalds right now.Quite frustrated actually because school comps do not have msn, hostel comps mostly hanged, and I had password problems the whole of Saturday night I couldn’t chat. So I have to come to McDs again. Sigh.

Anyway, my physics tutor Mr. Koh registered for Singapore Idol yesterday. We’ve been asking him about it since he told us the last lesson, so he shared about it in class. He told us that the real reason he’s going for auditions is because he is extremely scared about singing in public.

The whole class erupted in laughter, but he went on to say a few things that made an impact.
He said something like,

“We will never grow if we always live in our comfort zones. When we try to conquer our fears, we become better persons. If I never practise that in my life, how am I going to tell my kids to be courageous and try new things?”

I was edified and encouraged by his words because it’s actually kinda scary being in Singapore..away from home. It reminded me to have faith and walk through this journey bravely!=D

Yahh…so that made me very happy. I’m also very glad to have a teacher who doesn’t just teach, he shares his life with his students. Really, just feel so proud to have a teacher like that. Makes me think that being a teacher is actually very rewarding and meaningful.

p/s: PE lesson again tomorrow. Groan.