The NTU debate yesterday was a good experience for me, though it was poorly organized (even by Malaysian standards) and I got so tired waiting and waiting for things to get going.
The motions we got for our 3 debates were:
“This house believes that Islam received unfair media treatment”–prop
“This house believes that students should learn in English”–opp
“This house believes that strikes are an act of war against the community”–prop

“In today’s baseball game, we have been striking homeruns after homeruns, but the proposition has none at all.”
That’s what the opponent’s (pompous) reply speaker said to close our first debate. Annabel thinks it’s a lousy cliché, but we lost the debate anyway. It was very messy, because we only had half an hour of prep time from the moment the motions were released. Minus the time negotiating with our opponent on which motion to choose, minus the time taken to find our classroom, minus the time running up 4 flights of stairs, we ended up prepping for only 20 minutes. In fact, when Stanley started his speech, Annabel didn’t even have her substantive yet. She came up with everything on the spot. But she’s good, so it wasn’t that bad–we could’ve won with more solid arguments and facts.

We won the 2nd round against a swing team, but then you don’t expect swing teams to be good. The fact that they brought up the whole Malaysian science math in English policy without understanding it properly just gave us (me) an added advantage. Hah! We trashed them. Our case for the 3rd motion was quite shaky despite managing our ½ hour well…but Jere says we still can win because the opp didn’t clash with us. The results will only be known next week.

Basically I’m quite relieved that I didn’t screw up…though I had a bad throat and kept making Dolores Umbridge “hem hem” coughs throughout my speech. And Jeremiah said I did a reasonably good job! Ahh…so nice to get such a comment from the coach, considering that he spewed expletives during the SRJC invitationals where my friends made blunders.

So……cheers! Glad that I’ve overcome my initial fears and learnt how to come up with 7 minute crap….fast. Gotta make my brains work harder though, or I’ll always remain at the crapping level.