I don’t like to blog with readers in mind. Whenever I’m apprehensive about what people will think, I always become more…superficial, more eager to please rather than express what I truly feel. Unconsciously. But I try to be as honest as possible.

I don’t like to talk about exam results either, but somehow it’s weird not to comment about something supposedly very important. Yup. I feel the questions being asked in people’s minds. How does she feel about her SPM results.

Haha. Anyway, yah, I got 10A1s and 2A2s. Jun Shen’s message reached me while I was reading a novel in undang-undang lecture, about noon, I think. My parents couldn’t collect it for me, so I had to convince the clerk through the phone to pass my result slip to Jun Shen.

My first reaction was: crap, 2 A2s. Yes, I admit it really was that. But 5 seconds later, I was back at my novel, happily ignoring the lecturer in front. (Don’t emulate me, I nearly failed my undang-undang.)

You know, I really don’t care much about it. I don’t know…I’m just indifferent. I’m sick of all the hype over exam results. My major concern was still my mom…but she’s very relieved and happy! Can’t believe it…she thought I would really screw up since I refused to study the last few months before SPM. (Hello, I’m not totally irresponsible!!) I joked over dinner today that she would certainly have blown up had I scored something like..7As. (And she had to agree.) =D

That being said, I think it’s a pretty good result, and I’m satisfied. God has taken care of it…in fact, I’m glad He’s given me the ASEAN scholarship, or else I’d have to do form 6. With 940+ straight A1 students in the country, I don’t think I stand much chance for a JPA.

I have to thank Whei Ying (the sponge) too…for showing me the newspaper cutting while I was eating at your house. I wouldn’t have applied for ASEAN had you not informed me about it. =D

So…yup, that’s about all I have to say about it. Let’s close the SPM chapter of life…and move on to a brighter future!!

p/s: you know that 15A1 top scorer? I know him man!! I know him!! Met him at debate finals….he has this habit of putting his finger up to his ear every time he speaks…lol…but the point is, I’m so proud I know him!

p/p/s: to all those who got excellent results, congrats indeed!

p/p/p/s: to all those who congratulated me, or those who told me not to be disappointed… thanks a lot too.=D you might not have said the appropriate words…but your gesture means a lot. Thank you!