It’s 1a.m. and I’m in a complaining mood right now, so…allow me to do some blog pollution. After all, I’ve just finished correcting my PRC roommate’s essay, and I lent her my ears for a whole hour to help her learn to speak English. I told her she’s gonna drive me mad someday, and she laughed.

I went to the zoo today. Actually I don’t like animals at all, outside of my primary school Chinese essays where we had to write about saving stray dogs, feeding starved kittens, and caring for wounded birds. But my 12 year old cousin Yvonne seemed like she needed company, so I obliged to go with my uncle’s family.

I was almost sure I’d be typing out complaint after complaint on my computer as soon as I got back—it was a really tiring trip. Barely an hour in the zoo, I was already desperately trying to focus my brain as Yvonne talked to me. (Almost every animal is cute to her.) At 3, I stopped talking.  At 4, I was already dragging my feet as we walked. At 5, I totally regretted coming to the hot, stinky zoo! Mr. Lee Kuan Yew is so right—the greatest invention of all is the air-conditioner. Great minds think alike, you know. He merely echoed my sentiment.

OK! Sorry! Just let me say whatever I want today.

I thought, at that point of time, that the only consolation was that I got to visit my friends, the pigs. (A bit disappointed though, why are their skins an ugly grey instead of baby pink?)

But anyway, Yvonne just messaged me…and she told me she had a great time with me! That totally surprised me…so glad the time spent was worth it…so I don’t feel like complaining about it anymore. =D

Moving on to next complaint.

I have to go back for a..err..Program Pendedahan Kerjaya Seorang Doktor in order to apply for JPA (should I?) It’s gonna ruin my schedule…I’m going to miss a windsurfing course! What a trouble, really…4th time I’m going back in 3 months. I’m sick of long bus journeys. I told Wei Liang yesterday that I bet all my money the course is going to be poorly organized, if there’s any hint of organization at all. (I will remedy this statement if it turns out otherwise.) True enough, mum called the hospital up today…and they knew nothing about this programme. Remarkable efficiency.

But wait! I get to chat late into the night when I get back. Big advantage.

So that’s it. I’m going to buy a ticket.

Annoyed by this post? Good.