It’s been a good week, and I’ve been deliberately tearing my eyes off my tutorial questions to take breaks, relax, play free cell and spider solitaire. Heh.

We had Funtasia last Saturday, a fun fair in conjunction with College Day, where each class had to set up a stall to raise funds for the college. Our ice-blended coffee sold really well, despite, no publicity, minimal decorations, and extremely slow production, since one of our blenders decided not to work at the last minute.(Wasn’t meant to crush ice anyway.) Everyone worked frantically to meet the demands….Ying Xuan tearing Nescafe sachets non-stop, Shree and Guan Hoe at the blenders, and the rest refilling water, adding chocolate chips, scooping ice, setting out the cups, and wiping the mess. At the counter Becky and Wan Ling took orders and collected coupons, while Shin Yen and I sprayed whipped cream and added straws before handing out the final product. Phew.

Our class is not bad actually…all the time spent perfecting the recipe before this….selling coffee during lunch break to raise funds…and of course, being tasters and drinking up all the rejects (yay!)…I will remember. We’ve warmed up a lot compared to the start of term, when everyone felt miserable being thrown into new classes. B

ut all the revenue will go to the school. And it’s revenue, not profit. It’s ok if the school takes all the profit, but taking our total revenue means we’ve to cover the cost ourselves! The more we sell the more we have to pay. And yet when stocks run out people keep forking out money to buy more ingredients. I cannot understand. =)

Oh and we just got a new set of physics notes, on Waves, done by Mr. Koh. The moment I got his notes I immediately flipped through and read all the “extras”…and this time he dropped his address inside. He’s been absent this week due to treatments again…=(…but sometimes I suspect that it is precisely because of the pain he went through and is going through, that he is such an awesome person. When I see him, I see someone bigger inside. It’s something hard to describe with words.

*Unable to continue writing because I’m lost in thoughts*

Maybe I should go and start my market failure essay.