Eih, I posted not too long ago but I think the post got lost somewhere. I don’t know where and how to retrieve it. Nevermind…I was just talking about current events, and about going back…tomorrow!=D

Why am I so excited? Weird.

I cried a lot this morning, not knowing the actual reason.

In times like this I just need you to tell me that it’s alright. It’s alright to be confused, scared, lonely. I just need you to reassure me. Can you please just do that. I know you try to advice me but really, what I need most, is for you to tell me, over and over again, that it’s alright. That you’ll still love and accept me, even if I think I’m unlovable and you’ll only love me if I meet your expectations. Please demonstrate to me that love, God’s unconditional love.

Please tell me over and over again. So that I will know how to reject the message that’s been drummed into me all my life–that I am not loved when I fail to meet expectations.

My heart needs to believe the truth. It’s started to, but it’s not there yet.

Tell me it’s alright.