Ming Loong says  I should, erm, write more “cheerful” stuff. Sheeesh, look at his blog (link removed coz he’s too shy =P). If we’re not happy we don’t need to pretend we are mahhh. Hehe. 

But since I’m so free *pretends that pile of homework disappeared*, let the list start rolling out! In no particular order, I feel/felt….happy/delighted/amused/entertained in Singapore when:

  1. Yingxu, Emile and I eat together, attempt to study together, and walk to school together while chanting “I don’t wanna go to school” all the way.
  2. Yingxu poured dettol on a snail outside our room. I watched, horrified and fascinated at the same time, as the snail melted into goo. Wow. Never knew boys put salt on snails until she told me.
  3. Emile and I discovered that a stranger from the opposite hall was spying on us! He waved to us while we were downstairs, and after being ignored he continued peeping at us behind curtains while we were in our level 3 study room until midnight. Emile went into hysteria..
  4. We had a water fight while scrubbing the bathroom. Cluster cleaning sucks.
  5. Chien Wei cheated the vending machine! We got 3 drinks for the price of 1. He looked real funny sticking his hand up the chute. But the next time I checked on him, he was back to honest ways already. Heh.
  6. Koko calls me.
  7. The teacher doesn’t check my work—especially when I haven’t done it and I only have old stuff on my table to cover up. But who can tell the difference. All I need to do is change the question numbers on my testpad.  
  8. Yingxu and I went to buy flowers for Emile after her choir performance—too kiamsiap to buy tickets and watch her sing. The only flowers left in Fairprice at 9pm were wilting chrysanthemums,so we bought broccoli and cauliflower!

          No we didn’t. Bought chocolate in the end. =P

  1. Ming Loong invited me to go for RJC’s dance concert. Delightful cheorography!
  2. Yingxu borrowed an Archer novel from the library. Emile and I finished it first and made Yingxu mad by discussing it loudly in front of her. She returned the book without reading it. *High 5 Emile*
  3. I passed my inclined pull-ups. Miracle, miracle. Phew.
  4. Everyone helped me run the 2.4!
  5. Guan Hoe taught me how to fold origami flowers and  Jingying taught me to fold 3D shapes. There was a trigonal bipyramidal one…which was a disturbing reminder of molecular geometry. Now what’s trigonal bipyramidal for again? Yeah, 5 bond pairs. Revise, revise.
  6. Someone tells me I’m pretty. *blush, giggle* Oh but unfortunately that happens once in a purple moon. (I always think blue is not appropriate.When clouds cover the moon it becomes a greyish blue, no?)
  7. I play stupid computer games—Yi Cheng’s fault. Loads of them on www.addictinggames.com. I read in the NST recently that someone proposed video gaming as a 2008 Beijing Olympic sport. O_o
  8. Emile made tea for me when I was down with flu.

          See, so many already. And I will feel extremely euphoric if…

  1. Someone volunteers to do my homework for me! =D