We had a barbeque at Ren Haw’s house today! I was looking at all the pics on his computer…from intersquad 2002 to our latest outing…and i realise…i realise…i miss those times! The intersquad pics. Remembered all the hard work. HARD WORK. There was even a pic of me marching. Oh my goodness. I looked so fierce. LOL. And yeah, I was thin too. Heh. And camping. Our lovely menara!
Now listen carefully….2004 Keat Hwa St. John form 4 ROCKS BIG TIME!!!

Yes, every single person…I always think it was just the right combination…of all the different talents, different personalities…but one precious experience.

Haih. There are some things which can be better expressed in Chinese. But I don’t have the software right now. So nevermind.

If any of you read this, just know that I loved the times we had together. We may not have much in common after form 5, maybe not much to talk about, but there are some things…that never change.

p/s: don’t feel like writing properly. After all, we never spoke English with one another,except the whole lot of memorized stuff. (I can’t remember how to perform a general check anymore. CPR…still can, i hope.)