After our GP paper,we studied at this place in NJ called the oasis. No la I didn’t.

I was listening to Ying Xuan’s MP3, and instead of looking at all the people mugging in front of me, I turned behind.

And for the first time, I noticed the beautiful scenery. It made me so calm and happy. It isn’t what you’d call picturesque, but I loved watching Hwa Chong’s clock tower, the trees, the sky, the running track, and the cars.

And I sat there for 1 hour, just letting the breeze caress my face.

Aha, blogging is a waste of time. Remember?

I seriously don’t feel like blogging much anymore. Really. You don’t need to know about my exams, in this case, or my life, in general. You can be entertained by many far better blogs. And I’m sure, anything I want to say, you can find it in at least another blog.

But I will still blog to let you know that I’m alive and kicking. Wahaha. Or when, I really need to say something. Lol.

Jas (Goh) gave me this yesterday…”Blessed is the man who perseveres under trials.” James 1:12. You know, jasmines are sweet people.

That reminds me, some new teachers came to NJ today..and 2 of them are Jasmines!! Nooooo…..jasmine is becoming a very common name.

Oh what the, I’ll just go and eat my dinner.