Hello! I can’t help blogging again. =D

But as you can see (I hope), I’m feeling happy. Maybe it’s because I’m feeling simple.

That means I stop questioning why I do this and do that, stop confusing and stressing myself, stop wondering whether I should be more concerned about world issues, and stop asking “What’s the point!” Hmm. I don’t know, the change just happened. Or maybe I’m happy because I’ve been eating healthily for the past week. Hehe.

I am now like a sec school girl. I want to blabber, I don’t care if it bores you. You’ll read it even if it’s boring right? But in order not to waste your time I shall try to write as little as possible. =)

We went to karaoke this afternoon! It’s only my second time, the first one was a compulsory cluster activity. I enjoyed myself. I enjoyed just being there, giggling at my friend’s celebrity crushes (fyi, I don’t have any) and hear them sing. And then, we went to take neoprints!!! My first ever neoprint! Long time never act cute and take picture already. I was very excited.

I’m sure you want to know about my exams. Hehe. I was calm throughout. I think I am satisfied with how I did, but the results might range from anything like an E to a B. Math was the best, now I’m so grateful for my previous, highly-dreaded Olympiad training. Maybe I’ll fail economics. I don’t know how strict the marking is. Oh and I’m also grateful for debate training! If not my GP essay would be as shallow as ever. Not that it is good lah. But I can say surely that I have done my best, and looking back I have worked hard consistently, and I am glad. Sometimes I moan, groan, give up, or try to escape, but for the large part I have been sensible. I didn’t study much before my exams, but maybe last minute preparation is not my style. Maybe it’s alright. (I didn’t try to fail. =P)

I don’t have school for the next 6 days since exams are still going on. So I’ll be catching up on my holiday homework (hehe), doing my math assignment on calculus (frown in confusion), and continue reading Yingxu’s book, Sophie’s World. Actually I find it kinda boring, but well…

Before I go off to do my energetics tutorial, (can you believe I didn’t do it although it was supposed to be tested? I left the whole question blank!) this question just had to crop up in my mind again:

Why blog?

Lol. I think I sound so childish. Come to think of it, you don’t really need to read the content to know how I’m doing, just listen to the underlying tone, be it serious, sombre, cynical or casual. =)