(Posting all the stuff  I wrote but didn’t get to post)


I told them I didn’t want to take part in the upcoming debate. Now they lack a member and might not be able to take part. But they didn’t try to coax me. I’m glad they respected my decision. I’m learning to say no. And really, it’s so much better than trying to please everyone.   

Stayed over at Ashley’s place on Saturday with Merryn! Dad applied hostel leave for me without even asking. It’s the first time I’ve stayed over at any friend’s house. Went shopping and watched Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants before falling asleep. I couldn’t wake up to watch the Germany match though. Haha. But that’s not important. The important thing to me is to get to know my sisters in Christ better. Yes. Friendships need investment.


Sometimes I still get lonely attacks. Especially on bus journeys back to the hostel. Or when my Filipino friends launch into Tagalog and I have to keep reminding them to ‘switch to channel 5”, their English channel. It’s not a nice feeling. But I’m already getting better at dealing with these emotions. And anyway they are great, warm people! I like how they call each other ate (sister) and kuya (brother).   

Went to an old folk’s home last week. I’ve never been to one, it was my first time. The old people really blessed me. Some were just so full of joy! Of course some were cynical and gloomy but I think we cheered them up. Will be inviting them to school on community service day. Really glad I had favour in arranging things.

Finally watched The Constant Gardener, Hotel Rwanda, and Crash. Yingxu’s DVDs. Good movies.

Going to interview someone for PW tomorrow with Jing Ying. Secured the interview within a day! More favour. So thankful. Hope it goes OK.  

Have dance practices on Sunday now. Makes me happy happy!


Passing thought: my CV will look quite bad at the end of 2 years if I don’t take part in anything else except 1 CCA. Seriously. But is there any point in going for things I don’t like just for the certificate? I can’t tell right now. I don’t know.