A lie that often poses as the truth: No one really needs my contribution and it doesn’t make a difference whether I exist or not. I merely drift along, and there are so many brilliant people anyway. It doesn’t matter what I do.

The truth: My creator created me for a purpose and surely He can use me if I am willing to listen and obey! If I’m willing to step out and try in faith.

Some people can just very simply talk to you and blow all your despairing thoughts to smithereens. Amazing.

* * *

I am afraid of people.

I can still remember myself entering NJ through the side gate, and upon seeing a group of friends shooting hoops,  I turned back abruptly and took the 20 minute walk way up to the main gate just to avoid them seeing me. It’s just….I wouldn’t know what to say to them and how to say it?

As I walked down to the bus stop,  I saw those 3 guys. I don’t like the company of sharp tongued people. I patiently waited behind the tree until they boarded a bus before I dared to appear at the bus stop. It’s really awkward.

Sometimes I see them at the dining hall, I turn back instantly I come back for meals half an hour later. Just to avoid talking to them.

I carefully avoid some people for no proper reason.

Jasmine is terribly bad with people.

I’m so embarrassed so embarrassed so embarrassed…

*sinks into a hole in the floor*