Arggh..I’m trying to write our 3000 word written report for PW.

It’s strange I don’t dislike PW as much anymore. When we actually got down to doing it I finally found the meaning in our project. Our chosen topic, anyway. Despite my misgivings for such a tiresome subject—I usually don’t expect to learn anything out of tiresome work, I try to complete everything in the easiest, shortest, and most convenient way haha—I actually gained good experiences. Hah. I still can’t believe I actually found it useful. All the people we interviewed….the video we watched…the lesson we took home.

Oh, and I find that PW lessons are the best, if not the only times I get to talk to people like John, Xiangfei, Shree and Kaixuan! Every time I talk to them I realize what I miss most—interesting company. People who effortlessly amuse me and make me laugh. Not that I don’t like my girl friends, of course, but still…

Guys can have very interesting viewpoints and attitudes.