The engineer came to resurrect my laptop today. I was so relieved to find everything still intact….I make 2nd copies of school documents, but I don’t bother to do that for personal stuff. So I’m glad they are still there. Yay, yay, yay!!!!

But then, that very afternoon, as I was going to Keming Primary to tutor the kids, my phone went dead. That seldom happens to me because I’m usually careful to charge my phone. As a result, I couldn’t contact Huy, couldn’t contact Wayne, and since I can’t remember a single handphone number, I couldn’t use a pay phone. The Keming kids were no where to be found. =( In the end I went home.

I wonder how people coped without cellphones a decade ago. I almost can’t live without one. We are a pampered generation. ^ _^
By the way, it’s time to start studying hard.

Jasmine did you hear that??? It’s time to start studying hard.

[Somehow my brain can’t get the message.]

And try to memorize at least one phone number.