I was in Peace Haven, Genting for the Dive In camp and I was tremendously blessed! There were about 70 unchurched friends in the camp, and for many of them, it was their first encounter with God.

It is so rare I find people who are so honest and so genuine, they touch me and inspire me. In their midst, it’s as if I become courageous to open up, to talk to new people, to share my life with them. God’s presence was so strong, my fears were cast away.

Yes, I am always afraid of offending people. I get so embarrassed when my friends tell me they hate going for Christian events because religion is being shoved down their throats. Or they say that performances, food and music are used as marketing tools to influence people to accept Christ. There’s always this “annoying pressure” in church to make them Christians.

Therefore I always had this issue with evangelism. I have seen too many people who do it with the wrong attitude, who argue and debate until they win, and put you down if you do not accept Jesus. Whenever my friends talk about religion, I’d start to get uncomfortable and nervous. I don’t want my friends to be offended because the selfish insecure part of me is afraid they’ll not like me anymore.

But I finally realize it’s not supposed to be like that at all! Christ’s love is an unconditional, accepting love, and my aunt still loves and respects those who reject God. She speaks boldly and honestly about what she thinks is right, and makes sure those that want to become Christian are not just doing it because the music is nice but because they want a relationship with Him! She dares to offend with the truth, but only out of love. When she talked to some Buddhist girls, she thanked them for correcting some of her skewed perceptions of Buddhism. Accepting God is not a forced choice, it never should be.

I am also inspired by people who dream (and work towards it) to impact and change society! People who want to make advertisements which do not promote immorality and sensuality, people who want to make positive movies and healthy music, and people who want to help the old, poor or needy in society. The world would be different if only there were more people like that. They are examples for me to follow, showing me that there is no need to avoid being great and outstanding.

If there’s another camp next year, I would want to invite as many friends as possible to come! To see, to learn, to taste the goodness of God, and be blessed, whether they decide to become Christians or not. It doesn’t matter. I don’t want fear to hold me back.

In no time I’ll be back in Singapore. The demands of life easily make me cynical and suck the life out of me. But I’ve learnt that it’s alright to feel that way and I do not need to dwell on it. I am assured once again that God is faithful. That is why even when I feel the least like it, I know God is good and His love is…extravagant. Sufficient to overcome my weaknesses.