I’m sick. I think it’s the first time I’ve fallen ill this year, and I don’t like it.

You see, after I came back from camp, I went out to have dinner with Chuin Ying (YAY!!). And then I met Wei Liang. I woke up at 5 the next day to catch a flight home, and I went out again that night to celebrate Meng Chia and Hong Wei’s birthday. The next day I went for Dim Sum with my grandparents. I’m facing the consequences of bad food and a lack of sleep. Gah.

But there is one thing I’m very happy about. The Angry Eugene Yow is finally talking to me, in sentences!! I’m so glad he has decided to end the cold war. I’m also shocked that he is currently very interested in the bass guitar! At least he is interested in something at last. I imagine it must be difficult for him growing up in my shadow, always being compared to me, and never being able to meet the standards I have set. *evil laugh* Actually, I missed talking and fighting with him a lot in the past year. =P I hope one day he will come to discover that God is real, personal and good, because he hasn’t.
My relationship with mum and dad has also eemprooved greatly!  The last mothers’ day, I can still remember thinking to myself that there is nothing good to say about mama. Nothing. But I was encouraged to honour my mum and dad, so I bought her a gift and wrote her to tell her that I wanted to honour her although I couldn’t appreciate her yet. I am amazed how God has just turned my heart around, and slowly, I am opening up to share more and more things with her. I am beginning to see all the good she has done for me! I used to painstakingly cover all tracks of problems in my life from her, thinking that she would never be able to help me, but I am changing. Mum tells me I am changing.=) While I used to be so secretive about friends and activities, I am more open now. And really, they are good parents! Just imperfect, like everyone else. I am grateful that God has pieced this relationship back.

Kong kong (my grandpa) is also happier now! Not as angry about life as before. He thinks my aunt did a good job helping me to get out of depression, and he is glad. I think he is beginning to accept that God is a good God!

Ok lah, I think it is time to get back to graphs and differential equations and everything nice.