Roommates during the pre-exam period.

I find it almost unbearable. They freak out before exams and it just affects me. I couldn’t sleep last night because Emile was arguing about physics with Yingxu, and although they are considerate people and were already talking very softly, I just couldn’t tune out. I could have gone mad. It was precisely because I had no reason to get angry, and yet I WAS getting angry, that made me extremely frustrated. Frustrated because other people can probably fall alseep in the same conditions.

Imagine you’re trying to prepare yourself before the exam, trying to keep calm, and there’s this constant moaning in your ears…”i’m gonna die”…”i can’t finish studying”…”what to do”…”i hope i don’t wake up tomorrow”….AHH!!!! And I’m not talking about negative voices in your head, but real, audible ones. How are you supposed to ignore them?

It’s different if you meet people like that for a few hours. You talk to them, try to calm them down, and then you can go home and recover from hearing all the moans. But now, it’s 24-7.

 It’s so hard. That’s probably one of the biggest downsides of living in a 4 bedder room. It’s just so hard. So hard.

No wonder I like being alone and watching the trees during exams.