I’m leaving:

  • My J2 seniors. Thanks for being there, and all the best for the future!                     
  • Jing Wen, Emile and Yingxu. I’m moving in with Huang Qiao to a new room next year because JW and I clash too much. But I’m gonna miss them.
  • My teachers. None of them are going to teach us next year. I love them.
  • Project Work! The presentation went as well as I could hope for. The bad news is: all project work tutorials will be converted into GP lessons next year. No cause for celebrations.

I arrrived an hour ago and the first thing I did was to check the fridge for food.

[Yesterday Merryn gave me a letter to thank me and Ashley gave me my Christmas gift. I’m deeply grateful to the Filipinoes for the friendship they’ve shown me…initially it was so hard fitting in. Candice pointed out that generally the Filipino scholars like to stick to themselves at first because they don’t usually speak English.But I’ve been so blessed. I’m starting to think I want to spend Christmas in Singapore with my church there.]

Eugene is still crazy about the bass guitar.

[I recently read When Character Was King by Peggy Noonan. I loved Ronald Reagan’s story. Go read it!]

Right now I am patiently waiting at home for JN to come back from school. I miss her the most.

[Time to let everything down and rest.]