Today, I came to a sad conclusion. My visual/spatial intelligence (according to Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory) is very, very low.

I’m terrible at chess, that’s one. I can’t see the big picture of anything. And today, I failed my jalan raya driving 5 mintutes after I started the car. ^_^
Because.I couldn’t remember whether to turn right or left.I ended up turning into the right lane on the left, was immediately asked to stop because of “dangerous driving”, and miserably failed. ( I don’t think my skill is that poor since I passed the bukit and parking components.)
Why can’t I remember directions? My mum even took the trouble to draw out the map for me and drive me around the area several times to help me remember the 4 tested roads. And at the very first junction, I faltered. I am getting more and more embarrassed as I recall it.
Or maybe the big burly officer with shades scared me and I panicked. (I am resigned to the fact that I am a very timid person. Seriously. It’s just weird how I can feel comfortable on stage.)

And then, when I registered for the retake…

Driving Instructor 1: See! I told you to bribe! Now susah lah, you have to take exam again.

Driving Instructor 2: Aiya, why you don’t want to bribe? If you bribe, can pass one lah!

Let me first clarify that I don’t think a bribe could have saved me today. My mistakes were simply too atrocious. But I understand that giving a bribe is a rather attractive and convenient option for a lot of people, especially those who are not confident of passing, like me. It seems quite harmless anyway, and saves you the trouble of retaking the exam. Still, I would encourage you not to bribe because:

  1. It is morally wrong.
  2. When you bribe, you corrupt the JPJ officers, the whole driving test system, and you contribute to corruption in Malaysia, which is the very thing you condemn, is it not? If you bribe, I don’t think you are in a position to complain about MPs who siphon money into their own pockets (and build their illegal palaces). They’re just corrupt on a bigger scale.
  3. You plant the seeds of corruption in your own life. I’m not saying that everyone who bribes in a driving exam will go on to bribe their way through bigger things–a lot of people know how to draw the line. My friends tell me that it is acceptable to copy in a small test but despicable to cheat in a major exam. To me, both are wrong, but my point is: they have a conscience and know where to stop. However, every action we take either weakens or strengthens our conscience. It is wise to discipline ourselves to do the right thing.

Meanwhile, I desperately need to develop a sense of direction, or else I won’t be able to drive even if I pass the exam on 4th December. Sob.