I helped teach mum’s kids again today. =) As a year end activity they had a little drama competition, you know, the Ali Baba story. We had a lot of fun! Because they were sporting and enthusiastic. The two Ali Babas wore turbans and we drew moustaches for both Kassims. I laughed so much. We also did balloon modeling to create swords for the robbers. Well, 11 year old guys love killing each other with swords.

my favourite kid

And so this is Ali Baba from the team I helped, waiting to discover the secret treasure. Class clown and my favourite kid. =)
Then, I taught them to play 7up and Whacko–they have never played Whacko (!)–and another “drop the key” game. In that game you’re supposed to put your hand on your friend’s shoulder to form a train. And then I realized that the guys were too shy to put their hand on a girl’s shoulder. 😉 Someone suggested that the guys hold on to the girls’ ponytails instead, if they have one.
Ahh. I have forgotten what it’s like to be 11 or 12 years old. Tonight some memories of acute shyness came back.
Actually, I don’t think teaching kids is all that fun. You either lose your voice or lose control of the class. Or, if you’re like Snape, you lose the love of your students.
But once in a while, it’s delightful. Just once in a while, if you are the average person without the patience to teach rascals.=)