I had an amazing experience in Korea and I want to tell you about it. I’m still savouring every memory, still thinking of the friends I made, nursing terribly sore feet and a sunburnt and windburnt face, and still aching to go back there.

But you know what, caught up in the thrills of camping in the snow, I have nearly forgotten that no matter how exciting my winter adventure was, it is not an important story. There remains a far greater story that is much more worth telling.

So this Christmas, before I write anything else, I am going to quieten down and be awed by the God’s great story. It is an honour to tell that story first.

I celebrate Christmas because I have a great God who came to die for me and save me from my sin. I celebrate the richness of His love and thank Him for this life He has given me. I celebrate my family and friends who add so much joy to my life.

This year, Christmas is meaningful because Ee hosted a party for those who are away from home so that they would have a place to celebrate. Everyone shared their thoughts about Christmas and a bit of their lives and I was reminded again that life is really not about myself. It is about giving and serving people.

Today jiu jiu shared from Isaiah 9:6. It says to us a child is born, and he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. What powerful names these are! Do you know God can give you counsel in your most complex problem? Do you know He is a worker of miracles and provider of needs? Do you know he can rule in your heart  and give you peace that surpasses all understanding amidst the valleys of life? And do you know, if you never had a relationship with your father, God can heal your heart and be that father to you.

There are a lot of things that confuse me in life…I am still trying to discover who I am and learn to enjoy being that person, wondering about friendship and attractions, and deciding which things matter. But I know I have a great God who sees me through all seasons of life. And I am comforted.

Have a good Christmas everyone. I hope it is as meaningful for you as it is for me.