Hello! Halfway through memorizing chemical tests for my practical assessment, my mind kept drifting away so here I am again. Hehe. I have a very short attention span these days. I still have very poor understanding of electromagnetism and electromagnetic induction, I’m not prepared for my NTU H3 math exam on Wednesday, and my econs teacher said my last essay on GDP was “too short” and I “failed terribly.” Die.

And, you know I got scolded. Half of the people reading this blog probably will not relate but never mind. Some will.
I got scolded. By Jas Goh. Okay she didn’t scold me but what she said was strong enough for me to take heart. It really shook me up. She had a word of God for me and she said that God has already called me to be a leader, and there was a season where he opened many doors for me to develop my talents and to lead others but I refused to step up. At this point I’m already cringing. Then she said that He will give me more opportunities this year, but if I refuse to take it this time, He will remove all that He has given me.

It really woke me up. Thank God for leaders to tell you uncomfortable things like that. I am reminded of the parable of the talents in Matthew 25. The servant who burried his master’s money in the ground and did not use it was treated so harshly by the master when he returned!  He was called a wicked, lazy servant. Fear and inadequacy were not valid excuses. And in Luke 16:10, Jesus says whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much. In Luke 12:48, He says that for everyone to whom much has been given, from him much will be required.

The scary thing is that so many people are telling me things along the same line. It’s time to renew my mind and move forward. No more melancholic posts Jasmine! No more sighing that J2 is too hard and life is dreary. No more room for doubts. I can almost imagine God shaking my shoulders violently and shouting as if I was deaf: Whatever I ask you to do is never too hard! I am enough for you!

Hmm. God rebukes those he loves.

By the way, I improved 2 grades for my 2.4km trial run. Can pass comfortably already. So good right? PE is not daunting anymore. This CNY must tell my grandpa. He’ll be very happy that I’m fitter. (: