Common test starts on Thursday. I don’t know what to think. I panic easily and then I lose the ability to focus. But the good thing about common test is that cca stops and there are no long days full of lessons. It’s almost like the holidays!

After that there will be a 1 week break…half of it will be taken up by debate..we’re going to do a course for some secondary students..then hopefully I can go to KL for a few days..and then term 2 will start. I guess it’ll be one of the most hectic terms…coz i now have an exco position in debate…and I joined this weekly tutoring programme (which is something I’m looking forward to, so no complaints)…and I still have 4 additional hours of H3 Math per week!! Until May. May. H3 will end in May. I’m waiting. Oh and I must remember to take the SAT II in May.

I really marvel at those people who are always calm even if they’re juggling 10 things at a time. Oh and I’m beginning to see that Singaporeans/people who study in Singapore have a much bigger capacity to do things. Like, they don’t tire as easily. And they manage to have fun. It seems.

OK. Gotta go for my Matrices lecture. Hmm…how many days left to Dec 1? I really hope to take a gap year after JC. Haha. The thought makes me excited.

Actually life is quite good. Or it can be quite good. If I don’t worry. About what people expect. Yah?