Term 1 ended today with road run. I still don’t understand why road runs are always tied to fund raising. Can someone tell me the connection? Anyway, I’ve discovered the secret to running–always run with Ying Xuan!! Hahaha. 3.6km is quite easy when I follow her slow and steady pace. I can’t believe that if I start out sprinting, I actually end up much slower. But I really should start jogging regularly again.

I’ve also finished the entire season 1 of Prison Break. In a week! I’ve never watched that much TV in my life! Goodness. But Yingxu only has it up to the 2nd episode of season 2….so I need to find a way to get the rest of it. I might just buy the DVDs…oh the money that will be wasted…

Anyway, I must be careful not to make watching drama series a habit. I stayed up every night till 1a.m. during the exam period to watch prison break. But maybe come the June exams and I feel like a lifeless amoeba again, I’ll try to get hold of a new series. It sorts of fuels me up for the exams you know? The excitement from the show stays on during the day.

I’m just very weird. I have absolutely no sense of urgency to study during exams. Really. I work hard right after. But that’s not a very good strategy huh. Just like running, slow and steady is always better, or easier, at least.