Finally, the debate CIP is over. Didn’t like it a lot, but was glad that the students gave us really good ratings, i.e. they enjoyed the workshop. Despite their bored faces and all. Hahaha.

Yesterday night Raffy ordered this HUGE Yankee Burger at New York New York…it was at least 4 times the size of a Mc Chicken! He forced me to help him eat it. O_o. Sometimes I feel weird hanging around these people..they’re all working, at least 7 years older than me…but anyway, it was good. The meeting became a bit tense at times, but I don’t care, because uncle Nic footed the bill, and Kern drove me (and Jas and Raffy) home. ^_^

I’ve finished designing the cards. Yes!! So now the only pressing thing I need to do is math.

Off I go to KL tomorrow morning. When I come back, I better not find the vacant space in my room taken up by a new boarder. (My ex-roommate has gone back to China to recuperate for a year.)