Right now I am on a high. Because I had a delicious lunch, but really because I solved a math problem! Well actually it’s more like I remembered the Ball and Urns formula I learnt from The Art of Problem Solving years ago.

But it was bliss to be able to figure the thing out. That’s the first question I’ve done in 2 weeks.

So maybe I’ll go for my H3 exam later, although I missed the lectures and I know I’m going to pass up a blank paper. There goes 10% of my A level grade.

And maybe it will not be too tiresome to go for tutoring tonight, although the little girl is selectively mute and doesn’t respond AT ALL to my questions.

I wonder why people become selectively mute. What was so traumatic that she is so afraid to speak? Or what damaged her ability to communicate? These people sort of attract me.

Anyway, I..um…erm…uh…what do you think of quitting school?

It’s a frightening thing to do huh.

But I’m seriously thinking about it.