I’m at the NUS High hostel, where Merryn lives, killing time in the music room.


Do you see what the flowers are made of? Balloon holders, hair clips, and funnels! Some Singapore Art Festival exhibition we passed by on the way to collect Merr’s new printer.

My lovely abrasion

And this, is my lovely abrasion from Monday’s PE. Haven’t had such a cool one in 6 years. ^_^ It has been smarting away, but I derive a certain pleasure out of watching it heal. (Earlier this year my whole toe nail came out and I was so intrigued to watch the new nail grow.)
Later we’re going to Ashley’s house to watch The Dance Floor finals on TV, since the enforcement of study time makes that impossible in my hostel.

I’ve been good to myself. =)

One more month to Malaysia. Although I could’ve really gone to the Sold Out launch yesterday had they not confiscated all our passports.