I did a blood test to make sure my liver function was ok before taking my meds. I have to do it again next month. Oh the horror of needles.

I’m O+. And I found out that I am not a thalassaemia minor like my dad! I have the thalassaemia trait though. Which means if I marry a man with thalassaemia minor, my child would likely be a carrier. And she cannot marry another carrier because there will be a 25% risk of producing a baby with thalassaemia major.

But concerns for my child aside, I can marry anyone.

NO LA! Marriage/romance is very far from my mind. It’s just that my dad is a minor and when my uncle got married recently they were rather concerned about this thalassaemia business.
The info on wiki is quite lengthy and doesn’t seem to differentiate between “trait” and “minor” but I have no stamina to read it.

Nowadays, people want their reading short and sweet. My writing suffers.