Instead of more interesting dreams, I fell down from my bed this morning at 5am. My elbow hit the tiled floor so hard I had to make myself a cold compress to ease the pain. And it sucks that we don’t have ice because my clustermates have overfed the fridge to its death.

I got up and watched Freedom Writers, and I loved it. (Since last month I have been renting movies from the nearby shop despite protests from the kiamsiap voice inside.)
If I be a teacher, I want to be like Erin Gruwell.

ps: Sudah mula faham betapa susah kerja pengiklanan. Hari tu balik, lapar sampai saya makan SEMUA TERUNG dalam bekas. Terus tidur selepas itu. Kena kerja kuat kuat baru dapat duit banyak.