…was a hesitant observation.

How stingy you are with words of praise! And you dream of having a PR job.

I want to slap you.

*   *   *

Yes. I like to be blunt. Heck to social propriety and artificial conversation! The saccharine sweetness makes me sick. Why, does everyone miss playing “pretend” as little kids?

Why can’t we all just be real? It will be easier.

You know what, if I’ve ever talked to you in a crude, unpolished manner, I see you as more than an acquaintance. I am trusting you with my candour.

I am obliged to be nice to acquaintances. I hate to be described as nice. I don’t see it as a compliment. Nicety is not a virtue, it is a pretence.

No comments please. I’m not in the mood to take any flak.