The whole culture emerged in the ghettos. I always see it as an expression of anger. Even if it’s good healthy music, the moves are always subtly angry. It’s ever so subtle.

I dunno. I dance hiphop best when I’m angry. Gives me a kick.

I attended some workshops and a show a while ago. I used to think anyone moving confidently,wildly to the beat is a good dancer, but now I’m able to tell better.

It’s in the isolation of each body part. The torso control. The sharpness of each movement. And the groove, the attitude.

I don’t want to take syllabus ballet classes anymore. Cannot tell a moving story. I’d love to expand my range…jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary…maybe even learn how to breakdance! Lol. And if I can’t be a good dancer, I can still be a choreographer.

Sigh. My papers start tomorrow.

AND, I am outraged that Dumbledore is gay. I wonder what Rowling announced that for.