It went very well and I am very pleased with myself. I have always enjoyed doing the paper anyway, it’s just like blogging. Only there are more restrictions:

Must have thesis statement, must structure, must have balance–cannot be opinionated (and I am opinionated!!), everything is in shades of grey, don’t take an extreme stand unless you can substantiate very well. Must appear sophisticated. If not they think you are too simple minded, cannot think. BAH. “I am inclined to agree” is better than “I agree”, says my teacher.

I think all of this is bull la, to be honest. But I follow the guidelines for the sake of marks. I haven’t always gotten good marks despite thinking I wrote well enough.

Of course, I’m not a very analytical person (which is why I’m a good speaker not a good debater but luckily not too many people are clever enough to realize that haha). And it’s easy to misintepret GP questions or address the wrong issue. My essay range is also limited and I write a lot of fluff without good arguments. ;P

Today I chose this essay question: Can a belief of the supernatural be sustained in our modern world?

At first I thought, I’ll write about religion, then about ghosts, then superstitions. Then I realized, eih, the question is actually about whether it can be sustained, and why/how. In the modern world. I learnt something from 2 years of boring GP classes after all.

Roughly, I wrote about desperation that drives people to believe all sorts of ideas, facts (miracle rallies), and popular culture (Harry Potter and witchcraft), injecting opposite views in between my own. And a bit about my condition to cheat some sympathy out of the examiner. Heh.

Anyway, whether my essay is good or not, I think it will delight the reader. I dunno. I just know it will. I bring delight to the world. Lol. =D