Soli, I write too hiong already, 5 posts in one day. But bo pian. I am very 辛苦. And I can be very aggressive in doing things. Too bad if people don’t have time or patience to read. Dun care liao.

Anyway, I’ve developed the habit of going for long swims. I especially like it when I’m the only person in the pool. Gives me time to reflect, work out my anger, or just pass time which would otherwise be unbearable.

Yesterday while swimming, it occured to me that God was smiling down on me. I laughed in the pool and nearly gulped down a mouthful of chlorine water.

Walau!! I decided it’s too dangerous to swim anymore. =)

Actually there’s another reason. I’m going to have a new roommate dammit. >_< So I have no more space to do extra laundry in the room.

And my hair is badly damaged.

Sighs. I will miss all my privileges at Hwa Chong. Running track with stairs for me to do stair exercises…gym…pool…free breakfast and dinner…laundry service…Next time want to swim in Alor Star have to go to the dirty and crowded ASRC pool, and have to pay somemore. AND have to drive there.

Whatever. 20 days more. I already 准备好回家. Bought ticket liao.