One more post okay. I only slept 3 hours last night because I couldn’t and I’m a bit unstable. When you write too much without thinking you can’t write that well, but I feel a need to write.

Today I received a most delightful email I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry:

Jaz, I googled and search for your name, trying to locate your blog page. Presto! It was there. If I keyed my name, I may not find any.

I read your writings and I must say that I enjoy reading them. Most importantly, I get to know my little girl, who is developing her might in the pen, fully expressing her thoughts and opinions through permutations and combinations of words.

I’m sorry to kay poh to comment on your “Dear God” chronicle. It is your stupid Pa who wrote it. Sorry for intruding into your space and your circle of friends. I’ll never do it again unless you say so. Furthermore, I am not God’s spokesperson to answer for Him.

Well, I just hope you can find your stay in Singapore a fruitful and meaningful one albeit all the stress and struggles.

Take care.


My Pa’s English is funny. šŸ˜‰ Actually, I’m a bit disappointed. I gave them my blorc address last year! Both mum and dad. Well mum only learnt how to email this year so I don’t blame her (Ma! Ask JN to teach you how to comment!). But that gave me the impression that my parents were not interested in my…teenage angst. Haha.

Mum just asked me why I shifted from blorc. She’s a bit confused I think. Bernard, answer to her. But I’m liking WordPress better actually. Hehe.

Well pa and ma, I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog. I’m glad you’re not judging me. But even if you do, I’m 18 already. I will make my own decisions.Ā I’m overjoyed at how our relationships have slowly improved. I don’t think we need to appear as a perfect family to other people. We are a struggling family and we can admit it without shame.

With lots of love,
your rebellious daughter