There is Yi Cheng, whom you might have noticed as one of my readers. He is lonely; his blog add says so. I always see him sauntering around the hostel or reading manga in the computer room. Yi Cheng is a very smart guy, and he plays the er hu in C.O. I donate my rice to him during meal times. =)

We have had good memories together. We won the Design a Math Game competition together with Huy! Yes—Doan Duc Huy, my favourite Vietnamese friend who often tops the cohort in computing and math. We spent many fun hours testing out our game.

Yi Cheng, the Zig-Zag-Zoe game was your brain child, you put the most effort into it. I think 3 of us worked very well as a team. You kept churning out new games, and Huy was good at working out winning strategies which we had to present in the report. I’m not into math concepts, so both of you took care of that part as well. Well we kinda bluffed our way through. Haha. And me, (I believe) I contributed valuable ideas, took care of practical aspects of the game, and designed the pack of cards.

Have you spent your Kinokuniya vouchers yet? Hehe.

All the best to you after we part, Yi Cheng. 23rd Nov, your birthday. I will give you your present in advance. If I have time I’ll find your super-ex chocolate brownies for you. Where do I get them? =) Hope you have a happier birthday this year.

*   *   *

Besides the usual characters in my life, there is Alethea, Shi Thong, Han Ern, and Ern Sheong (whom I won’t describe anymore).

Alethea was supposed to room with us last year, but she chose to live with her relatives. The attractive girl was vice-president of Western Dance, and I think she topped the cohort in biology during the prelims. I don’t know her well, but because she is one of us, I am proud of her.

Shi Thong is a sweet, studious guy from Penang. He remembers our birthdays and gives us presents although we hardly interact. He is also part of the Chinese Orchestra–why is C.O. so popular? And he is in Astronomy. Sometimes I’d see him in the canteen scrutinizing constellations in thick books. Apparently they go star-gazing overnight quite often and have to take exams. Not my stuff.

You might not read this Shi Thong, but despite your soft-spoken nature, I think you are bold, you know what you want, and you dare to go for it. May your diligence be an example to all around you. Take care.

Han Ern is the loudest of our lot. If you eat at the same table with him, there is no need to talk. He will fill up the silence with wry observations, sarcastic remarks, and jokes. I feel he is lonesome as well, but I guess he has his ways of dealing with it. Like Ern Sheong, he was a student councillor, a house captain, in fact. He was my fellow debater for a while. Han Ern is THE General Paper specialist. Putting it this way makes it seem like knowledge is tied to tested subjects, but I believe Han Ern does not study GP, he reads widely and has critical thinking abilities that exceeds all of ours.

Han Ern, you have the acuity and shrewdness to go far in life. My only wish for you is that you will find fulfillment. Don’t climb the ladder of success only to find it has been leaning against the wrong wall all this while.

Sighs. It sounds sad to say farewells.