Ps. Steve Murrell is a funny man. I quote him this morning:

I am so grateful that our world works based on performance and not grace. I am so thankful that my doctor did not graduate based on grace. If not, just shoot me, man. When I drive across a bridge, I can do so confidently because the architects that made it were given the job based on their performance. 🙂

The problem happens when we apply this to our Christian walk. We run on our religious treadmills, trying to earn points to heaven. Gal 5:4 says, for if you are trying to make yourselves right with God by keeping the law, you have been cut off from Christ! You have fallen away from God’s grace.

He said some other insightful stuff as well:

Justice=getting what we deserve
Mercy=not getting what we deserve
Grace=getting what we don’t deserve

Sin is not breaking a rule, it is breaking a heart. The father’s heart.

Anyway, I was/am one of those treadmill addicts. Remember what Jas Goh said to me. I thought that meant I had to work hard to earn God’s approval. Somehow those words have been very powerful, they have made me very afraid of losing love.

I asked her to pray for me today, to break the power of her words. And she did so, asking God to help me receive freely from him. Jas, you bless me with your humility. I guess that is something you could cultivate because you received it from our father.