This is part of the Do No Harm transcript (courtesy of Lostpedia) of LOST Season 1 which I watched around August.

SHANNON: I need to tell you something.
SAYID: Alright.
SHANNON: My brother, Boone. He’s not really my brother. He’s my step-brother. Our parents got married when we were, like, 8 and 10. He’s kind of in love with me.
SAYID: In love with you? And how do you feel towards him?
SHANNON: I’ll always feel something for him. But am I in love with him in that way? No. Not at all. We’re here for god knows how long, and so is Boone.
SAYID: Maybe we should go back?
SHANNON: I don’t want to go back.
SAYID: Are you sure?
SHANNON: Yes. I just need to take it a little slow. Are you okay with that?
SAYID: I had no expectations.
SAYID: Hopes, not expectations.

For some reason, that phrase still keeps popping up in my mind.

I’m beginning to think, this is the difference:

Hope keeps hoping when expectations are not met.

I hope I will do better than 0.5/80 later for my Chem Paper 3. Lol. No expectations though. Despite Emile’s help with studying, I feel as if nothing has been implanted in my mind.