I am looking for people who are willing to hold phone conversations between 3.30a.m. and 5a.m. (Malaysian time), preferably those who can foot the bill.

Job description:

  • Listen to me
  • Accompany me
  • Make me laugh


  • Not preachy 😉
  • Without too many problems of your own (because I will easily take on your load)

Attractive perks:

  • Get trained for FREE to be a good listener
  • Develop patience and empathy
  • Gain new insights…and my gratitude

Interested? Apply NOW! Those with the ability to sing lullabies will be given priority.

*   *   *
Truth behind the advert:

So far Bernard has been the only night owl I can find. I honestly enjoy talking to him—girls like to be lavished with attention, and he doesn’t mind as well. However, if this continues, I will become emotionally attached to him (and I have no intentions of becoming involved.)

So it’s a tug of war between the selfish and the better part of me. I need people to help my better side win it la. Because I care for my koko, I want the best for our friendship, and most importantly, I want the best for myself. Lol.


Anyway, today I escaped to the Filipino house. Leah and I biked to get groceries, and then we cooked Sinigang (tamarind broth). It tasted like heaven.